Opps’s sub-brand Realme entered in Indian markets to directly compete with the likings of Xiaomi’s Redmi series that is extremely popular among the budget category of smartphones. Realme 1 offers a much powerful A.I based Helio P60 processor, on the other hand, Redmi Y2 offers a dual camera setup so we will be comparing these two smartphones and the article will help you to make a better buying decision.

Performance: Realme 1 Vs Redmi Y2

Both devices offer great specifications at their respective prices. Realme 1 runs on MediaTek Helio P60 processor clocked at 2.0 GHz and this processor is really powerful and is already better than Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 636 processor when it comes to raw performance.

On the other hand, Redmi Y2 still uses outdated Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 processor but still for the price this processor will not let you down, it can easily handle intensive tasks like gaming with great efficiency.

Winner: Realme 1

Camera: Realme 1 Vs Redmi Y2

When it comes to camera performance, Redmi Y2 offers a decent dual rear camera setup coupled with an Awesome 16 MP front camera while Realme 1 packs a 13 MP camera along with 8 MP selfie camera. I am sure that there will not be much of difference in the quality but if you are ready to pay 1k extra then you can buy Redmi Y2 as it is slightly better than Realme 1’s offering.

Winner: Redmi Y2

Display: Realme 1 Vs Redmi Y2

Both devices incorporate in-trend 18:9 display that looks really gorgeous on the devices. Realme 1 provides a vibrant 6.0 inches Full HD+  display as opposed to Just 5.99 inches HD+ display on the Redmi Y2.

Winner: Realme 1

Battery: Realme 1 Vs Redmi Y2

Realme 1 is backed-up by a 3410 mah battery while Redmi 2 gets power from a much smaller 3080 mah battery. Both devices will get you a day of normal to medium usage easily.

Tie between Realme 1 and Redmi Y2

Features: Realme 1 Vs Redmi Y2

Both devices feature a plastic body but Realme 1 looks more gorgeous as the back of the device is a diamond cut design that really shines among the two devices. There is no fingerprint sensor on the Realme 1, it also lacks an I.R sensor that can be used to control the T.V, A.C etc.

Realme 1 is running on Color OS 5 based on Android 8.1 and is promised to receive Android P soon while Redmi Y2 runs on Android 8.0 based on MiUi 9.5 and will be getting MiUi 10 soon that will come with lots of features like AI based Bokeh and much more.

MediaTek Helio P60 processor used in Realme 1 offers Dual 4G + 4G functionality.

Final Verdict

You can choose to buy Realme 1 due to the following reasons else go ahead with Redmi Y2.

  • You have a strict budget of Rs 8,999.
  • Need more performance.
  • Like the diamond cut design.
  • slightly larger battery capacity.
  • You do not need IR sensor or Fingerprint Sensor though there is a good fast face-unlock feature.
  • The camera is not your priority.


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