When it comes to smartphone choices, choosing between an Android or an iOS device becomes a difficult process for some people as both of them are found to be offering great features to you and if you dig deeper then you will find some features are same, other than price and brand attached to them.

While considering your smartphone between Android and iOS, you need to check out their qualities as discussed below in detail.


One of the primary quality of any smartphone is the overall build quality, you need to decide whether the device you are buying if made out of good hardware standards. As iPhones are made by Apple company only, and this is one of the reasons why they have quality control over their software and hardware features but when it comes to Android, Google offers the same firmware to many mobile makers like HTC, Samsung, Motorola, Samsung, to name a few.

Android being handled by so many manufacturers, the Android is available with different features, quality, size, and colors ( features). Comparing iOS devices to Android, you will find if they are premium priced than they are quite good regarding hardware quality but if you compare them with Android phones, then they are prone to many issues. At times iPhones also found to have hardware issues but they generally are made during excellent quality checks but the time has changed even today’s Android smartphones are more durable and of decent build quality.

Operating System

Always buy any smartphone with the highest and latest version of OS. Apple makes sure that their iOS devices always receive the newest available version of OS. On the other hand, Android is considered being a bit slow in updating and at times not updating the software at all. The newer version comes with an updated OS, but iPhones provide full support to their older versions as well. For example, iPhone 5S, released in 2013 is still supported by Apple, while on the other hand in case of adaptability and updating a new version of OS, Android phones are quite late to go for.


Although iPhones are strict with their applications support and this is the reason they have fewer applications for downloading. Apple App store has a high perforation application than google store as the same doesn’t hold high standards for the same. The example can be taken for the fake example of WhatsApp supported 1 million people before the same was identified and removed from the platform. The much key application had their debut on iOS and released Android version later if launched.

Integration of the devices

Apple said to host amazing features, which will take time for Android versions to be integrated to their devices. Apple devices like tablets, watches, Mac, etc. and is said to imparting the integrated and consistent experience to the users. Apple has continuity features like unlocking of Mac through Apple watch, Start your email on your iPhone and finish it on your Mac and the best part all devices are capable of receiving the call ringing on your iPhone.

On the other hand, Android supporting Google service like Maps, Gmail, Google Now, etc. are great and useful. But apart from Samsung, no other company make all device under their umbrella, and this is the reason that Android lacks unified experience. Choosing one from them, if you do not have any restriction for the price, then it is Apple, but another moderately priced Android is also good as money is also a restriction for every stratum of society.


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