What is ADB ( Android Debug Bridge )?

If you flash custom ROMs or make use of CMD to control your Android device via some known commands then you must know about ADB but if you are normal user also then while trying new things on your android smartphone you must have heard about ADB.

In simple words, through ADB you can control your Android device via your PC or laptop by entering some predefined commands. There are some set of commands as given below.

  • adb devices  – shows device information.
  • adb pull         – copy files from your Android device to your computer
  • adb sideload – flash custom ROMs from your computer.

Why we chose wireless method instead of traditional USB method?

Getting USB method working is a tedious process.It takes lots of time in finding correct drivers and installing them.I have no problem with that But some people find some difficulty in the USB method.

Problems that you may face

  • You might not find correct drivers.
  • Even if you install correct drivers the adb won’t work.

#1 – Root Method – I prefer it!

  • Make sure your device is rooted.
  • Download ADB Wireless app from here and install it.
  • Grant all permissions and launch the app.
  • Make sure your Android device and PC are using same internet network.
  • Go to settings – developer options – turn android debugging on.

  • Switch ADB on from the app.
  • Download the required file from here and install it.This file may fix your USB driver problem too, so try USB method also for that i will tell you steps after this root method.
  • Go to the directory of the installed file.
  • Click on the address bar and it will be highlighted then type cmd or press shift + right click then select open command window here.

  • In cmd windows type the command given by your android wireless app.
    adb connect ********** it should say something like connected to ***********.
  • In case any difficulty in installing adb, follow this guide from android.gadgethacks.com.
  • A prompt will come on your android device – Allow USB debugging – Tap on ok.


  • On the same cmd window type adb devices.
  • Your device will appear.

You have successfully got your ADB working via wireless technology to your rooted android device.

Don’t forget to try USB method too! but this method meant only if your USB adb mode not working.


 USB Method!

  • Download the required file from here and install it.
  • connect your USB cable, If it asks for allow USB debugging in your device then adb may be working fine but wait….till last step. 

  • After tapping Ok then navigate to installed folder on your computer.
  • Open command window there by following below steps-
  • Click on the address bar and it will be highlighted then type cmd or press shift + right click then select open command window here.

  • Type adb devices.
  • If your device listed ( any code of your device ) then ADB is working without any problem.
  • To verify type adb reboot if your device reboots then you have successfully set up ADB for your device.

#2 – Without Root!

  • Download and install this app.

This method is not working for me so you give it a try or wait for me to update all information here.


The apps stated above in the article may or may not safe for your android device.So install them at your own risk.The above methods are tested and fully working.In the case of something won’t work then comment down your problem below I will give the solution as soon as possible.

Thanks For Reading!🙂


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