Every week the echo is getting more powerful and smarter. There are various features of Alexa which will put you in a shock and you won’t be able to believe. Important features of Alexa are given below which will surely increase the desire for buying it.

Important features of Alexa that will blow your mind

  1. Voice calling and messaging

One of the most important features that have been introduced recently is the technology of voice calling and texting in the product named as Amazon Echo or in the app named Alexa. If you are having the touch screen echo show then you will also have the facility of video calling which is similar to that of Skype. Alexa also plays an important role in broadcasting messages as the given order. It will broadcast the messages in all the echo devices that are present in the house.

  1. The technology of Multi-Room Audio

Another important feature of Alexa is that it has the ability to play several echo speakers simultaneously. You can also tell Alexa to play the song on the echo devices which you want to use. For the grouping of speakers together you need to go the Alexa app and select the Multi-Room Music option. After choosing this option you will be selecting the echo devices which you wish to group together.

  1. Spotify premium

You can easily play your song or playlist on the echo if you are a premium member of Spotify. The integration of the device with the Spotify is a major point in the field of global music streaming platform.

  1. Skills of Echo in Alexa app

There are almost thousands of latest skills included in the Amazon Alexa app. But the recent collection includes Fitbit, Dominos Pizza, and Uber. Alexa also has the skill to read your tweets or can also read the trending tweets from Tweeter. The basic thing which you will be doing is that you have to create an account on each app and link those accounts to the Echo device through the Alexa app.

Any skills of Alexa including the skills of smart home can be established with the help of voice commands. By the help of voice commands, you don’t need to search and add manually all the apps. You can also ask Alexa about the new skill and then enable those skills which you think will suit you.

  1. Now you can easily listen Kindle Books or Audio

It is one of the most important features of Alexa which helps you to listen to your favorite audiobook. You can do chapter selection and you can also control volume. You also have the facility where Alexa will have the capability to read your favorite Kindle Books. It is not as smooth as an audible narrator but improvement is expected with the advent of time.

  1. Alexa is having the capability of waking you up with your favorite music

Alexa is said to be one of the greatest digital assistants for the bedroom, kitchen or both. At first, it only had the normal timers and alarms which developed to a great extent and now multiple timers can be set or alarms can be customized which includes celebrity voices.

Not only this, Alexa can also wake you up with personalized music from Amazon Music, Spotify or more.

  1. Alexa will keep you updated with daily news

Alexa is having the capability of updating news daily. A variety of news outlets can be voice-enabled which include BBC, Discovery, and NPR. You can also know about the scores of your favorite team.

You also have the option of customizing your favorite team in sports update. Live scores are also available.

Now Alexa can also give you news related to weather. After setting up your location, you will be able to know the weather.

Other important features of Alexa

Other important features of Alexa include google calendar, Far-Field voice recognition and is also having the Bing search engine which will answer you simple questions like Siri or even more than that.



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