How is Technology Going to Change Facebook Ads?

Facebook ads technology are more than just a marketing these days, and maybe it is the reason why the majority of the users who are not that technically sound do not understand it. While the more informed users are divided between liking and disliking these ads, these resourceful marketing strategies are driven by science. The ads are run by a system which is mainly performance oriented and involves heavy usage of data and metrics, with some people even claim that Facebook ads are so accurate they can predict a user’s future wishes.

Since 2015, the business driven by Facebook ads increased by a whopping 57 % to nearly $27 billion in 2017. Facebook itself stated that a mammoth 84% of their funds come from these ads. This is the reason why many experts believe that this is just the beginning and that these ads will continue to increase both sales and traffic, thus becoming key parts of many companies’ advertisement efforts.

However, with ever-changing technology, nothing can remain the same for very long. This applies to Facebook ads as well. These ads will have to change with time as well, and there might be something that can be predicted considering how things are going now.

The number of bot-driven ads will increase in the near future

Most of the big companies on Facebook use the instant messaging system via the Messenger to directly communicate with customers who show interest in their ads. However, it is not humanly possible for a company to allow enough resources to deal with all the incoming traffic. This is where the bots come into play.

  • They are mainly used to send links, and automated replies when users interact with an ad in any way, for example clicking or commenting on an ad.
  • The companies also use bots to finish the initial qualification processes and to automate the sales department to an extent.
  • The companies are also using scripts and workflows to train bots to send follow up links, promo codes, and suggestions for people who have shown an initial interest in an ad.

The influence of these bots will only increase with the passage of time, companies are now interested in training and control their bots. Although these bots can do anything they are taught, they still need to be managed. The need to put parameters and a well-defined set of objectives are must for any bot to function properly. Everything depends upon how the results are being communicated.

This might mean that someday, artificial intelligence may change online adverts completely. Facebook marketers might get replaced by AI. Although this is a possibility, the marketers will always be there, but with different roles, compared to now. They might need to increase their skills to be able to use the data from the bots, which will require data analysis, and being able to understand if the bot is working or not. These marketers would need to report back to the clients and manage the pay-offs.

Reporting will get better with time

The return of investment or ROI metrics of the ads would not change in the long run, as the people who run these ads have only one concern: How much business is being generated by these ads? The only thing these people want to know is whether or not the platform is helping the business in any way, or is creating awareness about the products. The cost per click pays a huge role in this because this is what it all comes down to. How much money is being made per click compared to how much is being spent? At the end of the day, just like any other business firm, it is all about the profit margin. Thus the metrics won’t change much over time, but the way everything is reported will.

The ads will ultimately benefit the users

Some people are not too fond of the fact that Facebook already knows a lot about them, and with Facebook Payments being developed right now, with it being in the beta phase, others think that a credit card number won’t make things any worse. The netizens are quick to adapt to change, and especially when it makes things easier.  As consumerism will not be limiting its growth any time soon, people will eventually see the benefits of these ‘intrusive ads’ which will lead to more data-driven ads. This will mean that users can now get suggestions or similar items from different websites at lower prices.


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